Evening All,

Some of you may have read previously that I have a Bavarian Mountain Hound bitch arriving in August. I have began stockpiling everything I think I will need and people on here have been very generous when it came to offering skins, so thank you!

I have a bit of blood and cleaves for training, but firstly I don't have a massive amount, and secondly all of it is roe.

The reason for my post is that I am wondering if anyone could offer any blood or cleaves from their stalks from any species? The blood and cleaves would have to be from the same animal and frozen preferably so it doesn't go off.

Any unwanted heads (clearly not trohpy!!!) that anyone doesn't want I would happily take those also!

I am based in Portsmouth but I am willing to travel maybe 45-60mins away to collect, and I am willing to pay for them.