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Thread: Archer compatible scopes

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    Archer compatible scopes

    I've had a couple of nightmares with my current set up and have now resigned myself to the fact that they just don't get on. I'm therefore keen to hear what other scopes people have tried with the Archer and they get on well with. I have a swarovski Z6i but the illumination switch is problematic with where the archer attaches and it's the model with no parallax adjustment which is the killer. I tried it with my nite force nxs and it works a treat, but that is on another rifle and I plan to just keep the scope I use with the archer on it's own saddle mount so when I'm shooting boar at night I can clip it on then switch to my z6i for my daytime stalking. This obviously means I'm also reluctant to spend 2000 on a scope with mint glass which will only ever be used at night with an archer. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

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    sell me the archer and get a scope with NV built in!!

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    Any scope that has a "step" or other obsrtuction will cause major problems for your Archer.Having said that there are a variety of sleeves designed to adapt the Archer to most scopes. Give Julian a ring at Starlight and he will put you straight.
    It takes a while to get used to the Archer but it is an excellent piece of kit.
    Incidentally, a side focus scope is almost a must.

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    Just hire my rifle and nv when you are on boar
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    mtc mamba seems popular on ukv with the nv add on chaps

    Atb Steve

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