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Thread: First Scottish Roe Buck

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    First Scottish Roe Buck

    Attached are a few pictures from my first Scottish Roe Buck stalk. We were looking for a few of the weaker beasts to cull as opposed to trophies. Nevertheless the second beast is with the taxidermist (Bill Bartlett)

    The first buck was small and estimated to be about 3-4 years of age. It was neck shot from 40 yards or so. The second buck was observed for several minutes before it was shot. Sadly my first shot was a little low but was quickly followed by a second shot which obliterated the heart. More practise shooting off sticks is needed.....
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    Well done Conor mate,and you are right to shoot consistantly off sticks you need to practice practice practice.


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    Hi, Conor - great memories for your first Scottish Roebuck. I am sure there will be many more but the first is a special moment. I mounted your buck on Saturday, and will be finished in a few weeks. Hope you like it - ATB Bill.

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    That looks fantastic! I am chuffed to bits. I will be up towards the 20th of August and pints will be on me or drams!

    I will forward to Graham now.

    Many thanks again


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    Well done Conor - we look forward to seeing you our way again soon too

    E t R
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    Thanks Simon.

    Was good to speak with you this morning.


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