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Thread: US customs clearance

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    US customs clearance

    Has anyone imported a rifle stock from the USA before? my Bell & Carlson has according to the parcel tracker has been sat with US customs for a week now.
    I got an export licence so there shouldnt be a getting impatient now grrr

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    Well you will have to learn patience then....................... as once it gets this side the customs will take their own sweet time to look at it and the post office if your lucky will write to tell you you owe them more money in a week to tens days.

    it took the P.O 9 days to write and tell me they wanted more money for my Clutch slave cyclinder from the US and it was still under half the price that Vauxhall wanted.

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    The Darrell Holland stock on my 260 Rem in my gallery came through without any issues. Approximately 3 weeks after getting the order accepted, it was ready for collection from Parcel Force. Paying Parcel Force is the most painful part of the process.

    Regards JCS

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    Cliff has had some problems recently on outgoing goods

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    Should take about 10 days on average. I bought a Boyd stock from the USA about 2 years ago and had no problems.

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    just found out export license for a new barrel is $300! yikes!,,not gettin that Shilen barrel after all....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post
    Should take about 10 days on average. I bought a Boyd stock from the USA about 2 years ago and had no problems.
    I've just purchased a new stock from Boyds a couple month ago, it took about 12 days and like Malc no problems at all

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    Yippee 13 days after it was posted I finally get a letter from parcel force saying they can deliver it tomorrow, just cough up 42 feeling like ive just been rogered by the govornment yet again

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    I better get some cash out to pay parcel force i've just ordered a scope from the states, still even with duty it's still 70.00 cheaper then I can buy it anywhere in the UK !

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    no what you mean it makes my blood boil you can not get the stuff you want here because no one makes them, if they did you get shafted on the price, then when you bring an item in you get shafted by those theiving *******s in Govmnt, lets face it the yanks can make it at x amount it should be the same here.

    i hate living here if you aint an illegal, asylm seeker, or general lazy ******* scrounger, you get nout.

    I have guns because i love shooting, what i hate is red tape and been screwed by a Dishonest Government.

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