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Thread: Second Hand Rifle, Afraid of buying.

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    Second Hand Rifle, Afraid of buying.

    Hello all.

    As stated in past posts i am sort of new to to the center fire world of shooting.
    I have got a slot for .243 on my ticket but as yet not bought any rifle.
    Iv seen quite a few nice examples on here over the last month on so well with in range of the money i have to buy one.
    But there is my nemesis as you could put it, i'm so afraid of buying second hand
    especially as i don't really have clue as what to look for wear an tear wise
    with any given rifle/rifles. I'm so afraid of buying a gun an being left with a
    rifle i can't use. I see most people saying that certain rifles have shot only a certain
    amount of ammo an its like brand new just haven't used it. But i just have a mental
    block as to if their telling the complete truth. Some of the deals iv seen have been to good to be true so to say, like rifle , scope an mode for half the price they were new. And that gets me thinking if the gun is in that good a nick with only hand full of shots fired through it, why sell it for so little.
    Can any one help out so to say to get over this mental block i have.
    I feel i may be letting good deals go an going without just for a lack of confidence
    of buying second hand.

    Any advice given would be gratefully recieved thanks


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    check the wear points. Its a bit like buying a car, look for areas of wear & tear.......with a rifle , bolt face, bolt fit, is the bolt handle shiny with blue well worn ?? look down the barrel is it clean , shiny ?? any dark areas, rusty sports. Use you gut instinct & judgment, take a bud who's a little more in the know.

    A smart clean target rifle will have had 10000's thru, a tatty field gun may have been used once a month with 20/30 shots !!

    make sure its compfertable to you, do you have to stretch your neck to see thru the scope ??

    There are superb bargains to be had, parker hale, bsa etc.
    Good luck
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    No risk no fun
    Unless you know the previous owner and the history of the rifle it will be a risk.
    Most rifles especially light stalking rifles have not fired that many rounds but might have other
    problems like pitted barrels.
    Maybe have an experienced fella have a look at the rifle with you before buying.
    The good side of a second hand rifle is that one can possibly find one that has been somewhat worked
    on, like pillar bedding or trigger tuned.


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    cant help with .243 as i am going to sell my .270. but there are a lot of people who buy a rifle and then decide they want something different after only a few outings, and also those few outing may take a few years hence being like new,and most second hand rifles have to be sold quickly as when you buy a new one your licence generally only allows you to keep your old one for 30 days,which could reflect in the i am going to ask 450 for my manlicher professional mod3, which is half what i paid for it and i have had it put on a piller bed and had it threaded,but some times when you change your shooting you have to sell and move on.I have changed to a 6.5x47 as arent shooting red deer any more .(i have 30 days to sell it as i have my new one coming.)Rifle barrells can cope with several thousand rounds through them if they are broken in and then looked after. I would ask to fire the rifle or at least see the rifle firede at a target to see how it groups,which should be at least sub 2" at 100m, because the previous owner would have tried a few different rounds to get the one that works,he may have been lucky and it works with the first make he tried.I personally woulnt fall for the excuse that they havnt got any where for this to happen,because they would have had to zero their rifle at some stage.
    hope this makes some sense Gareth

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    just spotted the date you wrote this lol, guess you are sorted now good hunting

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    If you feel like that Deputy dawg why not just buy new. Im personly not a great fan of buying second hand rifles as you never know what the last owner has done with it. Eg hot home loads, dropped it, Played at being a rifle smith with it. At least with new its down to you and you have a bit of warranty with it.

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    I purchased a second hand Howa .223 from a SD member, it was as described, no, it was better than described, barely shot in........ like others state, try to see & maybe shoot the rifle yourself, or get a more knowledgeable friend to check it out, appearances can be deceptive, my .270 Sako was on the shelf at a local shooting school, broken ejector blade, gouges on the last few inches of barrel, but, it puts round on round for me.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    try before you buy nice little range on shoot got 243 for sale lol

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    If iwas off down the loacl dealers to veiw second hand rifles, the taking some one more in the the know, wouldn't be a problem.

    Its just i have saved a certain amount of money and iv seen a few nice examples of guns in the caliber i want with all
    the trimmings ie Scope, mode some times bipod well with in range of the money i already have to spend.
    But nearly all of them are so far away from where i live, it would be nay on impossible to travel to see the gun
    first or even try it out. I would love to buy a rifle, sight an mod all in one go from a forum like this or any other
    and save money on buying new. But the only way i can do it is take any given rifle for sale on face value, an paying for it then having
    it sent RFD before actually seeing it. Then if the worse does happen i could have bought a right wreck whcih as been
    dolled up to hide its true unworthyness an i'm out of pocket a good few hundred quid.

    I 'm not saying that members on this forum are out to rip people off, but every now an then some people
    don't mind selling an taking money for dud merchandize so to say, and that is what scares me, would i be one
    of those unlucky ones. I know some time you have to take a risk as one post mentioned. But when its you
    hard earned an saved cash, an your very unsure. Risks are hard to take like.

    Perhaps Crouch is right, i may as well buy new an learn from my own new rifle. Then in time an
    more experience an i do get a chance to buy second hand rifle. Then i would know what to look for.

    Thanks for all your posts by the way. I appreciate you taking the time to write


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    Have a look at hunterscabin i bought a rifle of him last year had no problems good bloke to deal with aswell he got a few 243s there atb paul.

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