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    first reloaded

    well had paul barony round and we used my lee loader to do 50 rounds with 2 of us doing it . we took about 11/2 hrs to get them done even after having a primer go bang scareing **** out of me and all paul said was "well i knew that was going to happen "lol so got rounds ready to send down range .

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    Good for you. Most people have that primer explode just once; then they really start paying attention to the "feel" of the primer seating. If you wanted to double the size of your reloading kit you could pick up a Lee Auto Prime someday.

    I don't have time (usually) for marathon reloading sessions so I will reload in stages. I do a little each night and then have all of my loading done on the day I need it without eating into my week so badly. It takes me 1.2 minutes each to load 30-06 ammo when I get up to speed, and that includes polishing the necks and trimming. With practice and confidence, you'll get there too. Hope they shot well! ~Muir

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    thanks muir and with all of them weighed separatley they will or shud be bang on what kit have you got to use with ur classic loader kits


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    I like the dippers, myself, but if you want other volumes than the dipper supplies then a scale wouldn't be out of place. I often dip and trickle to a given weight when needed. More often, I modify Lee dippers to accept the powder charge I want, verified by a scale. Don't be scared off by talk of the Lee Safety Scale. It works well, you just need to be careful setting it.~Muir

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