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Thread: easy this training (if you read up properley)

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    easy this training (if you read up properley)

    iv been laying trails for my dog for a little while now and wasnt overly impressed with the results.she seemed to be struggling to stay on the track.having re-read some of the other threads i noticed i should have been using 250ml of blood,not 25ml. since increasing the amount used she has come on in leaps and bounds.i still think she works to fast to be accurate but its early days

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    25ml is a bit tight to start a dog on . Now the dog is tracking better and you feel confident start lowering the amout of blood you use in laying a trail.
    I can lay a trail for my dog 600+ mtrs and use a table spoon of blood and hoof.
    A couple of weeks ago i laid a trail in the Norwegian way with only blood. You can use 250ml over 600 mtrs with several 20 mtr stretches with out blood. When i had finished laying the trail, a drop of blood about every mtr i found i had used just a small amout of the 250ml. The dog did the track at 15 hours old with no problem.

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