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    Coming soon...

    Birds come next week and before we know it the pheasant season will be upon us and as the Shoot Captain do any of you guys have any tips regarding morning welcome and safety talk. Also still looking for a full gun?

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    I always send the beaters off to get ready then I give the guns the saftey talk. Keep it short and to the point no point sending them to sleep. Go over what they can shoot ie ground game or no ground game. I always say no pigeons befour the first game is dead on the floor, tell them when they can start to shoot and when they will finish we always finish our drives with a whistle. let them no how many drives you will be doing when you will be stoping for refreshments. Let them know that no low shots will be tolerated and saftey is paramount, let them no that pickers up will be behind them. Hope this is of some help

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    as our shoot is friends and guests not a syndicate we get many different types of people shoot from novice to gent who shoots alot .everyone is made welcome and everyone has to start somewhere all we ask is newguys are honest . there is always someone about to shaparone a newbe ,and they are under no pressure to fill the bag .what i dislike is the ,all the gear no idea chap shooting crap birds all around him in a big heap and costing his syndicate compardreys a fortune .my beaters are a good indicator of whats what !so ask guns to be honest ,safe ,and have a fun time its the crack that folks remember ,the point made by crouch about picking up is most important as these guys move about during the action ,quite looking forward to it now ,niceone red dot

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    Think BASC used to have a wee document with guidlines for shoot captains, with a section on H&S.

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    AS shoot captain and by law you must have a risk assessment document drawn up and presented to each gun. Obviously as each shooting day presents itself the risk assessment document may have to be altered to suit.
    Apart from that keep your morning briefing concise and plain so that everybody knows what they are about.

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