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Thread: Wip vs pigeon

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    Wip vs pigeon

    On Saturday, I decided it would be a good idea to take Wip (My bedlington x wippet) to the pub. I met my friend and his new girlfriend and after a couple of pints we decided to move establishments. As we were walking, Wip darted under a bench and grabbed what I thought to be a white take away bag. It then started flapping! Now began a very one sided tug of war, a white head very separate from the body was almost immediately on the ground, a still flapping body was in my hands gushing blood from its neck, and a group of onlookers gathered round to watch the enfolding horror. Not quite knowing what to do I crushed the flapping body with my foot (thank goodness for welly boots) and apologised profusely to my friends, especially my friends new girlfriend who I had known for about hour. What can I say? One less pigeon in Bath is probably no bad thing.
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    Woops. Must be a rough pub if you need to wear wellies. Bubble

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