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Thread: CWD on Ebay

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    CWD on Ebay

    Just spotted this ,ends very soon....

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    It's a great day, i've been out with him a couple of time's. He work's really hard to get you what you want and lot's of CWD's on his land.

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    Are you thinking on heading south Tony and spending a few quid then?
    Atb John.

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    No John,friend of a friend has a farm next to Woburn,so i took my rifle when i was in the area a couple of years back,saw plenty of deer and shot a buck,but not as difficult to stalk as other deer,i was glassing cover as we are used to ,but discovered lying around out in the big open fields,bit like shooting hares,price was right though

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    i went out with this guy in december time as i had never shot a CWD he is a very nice guy and is good company he really puts in alot of effort to put you on deer and there is alot of CWD on his patch we shot 4 between the 2 of us over 2 days one a silver medal. He even took us to woburn abbey to see the huge herds of pierre davids reds and fallow on there and even took us out lamping

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