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Thread: A worried farmer on the phone.....

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    A worried farmer on the phone.....

    I had a call from a mate to say one of his farmers had seen 5 foxes circling a newborn calf,and it was making the cow very agitated,so,come and get them!! I set off for the farm with a bag full of dead chickens from one of my farms(bloody foxes)and we set up a 'Kebab' in the middle of the field,there was myself my mate and his daughters boyfriend a very keen young chap.

    After cutting a chicken up and scattering it around the kebab we went off to a nearby chicken farm for a mosey around for a fox and maybe even a Buck that has been seen lately.As we drove into the far end of the first field there was a cub at the edge of the long grass,so my mate was down on the bipod and ready as I was loading up,and resting the rifle on the door of the truck,the cub disappeared for a minute only to reappear again,but,I wasn't sure if my mate had seen it so I beat him to it and dropped number 1.....sorry bud,but you really got to be quicker than
    We then called for a little while longer but to no avail,so we wandered round the farm waiting for it to get dark,and after a fruitless mooch round we came back to the trucks as it was getting dark,and we popped round the corner to another small area for a call,and we walked one field to get to the next where a cub was circling the outskirts of the field,this one was duly called in and sent to heaven...number 2.Although we did get a couple more sets of eyes in the lamp they weren't playing the game,so we decided to get back to the kebab to see what was going on there.We drove into the laneway and as we got to a point where the kebab was in view the front truck stopped and my mate dropped to the ground and on his bipod he dropped number 3. Great we agreed,and were just about to drive to the end of the yard to park up and the young lad that was on the lamp said "Another" down on the bipod again,and here to be honest it does get a bit fuzzy for me,cos I can't remember the order of the shots,but suffice it to say that another 4 were added,and the score was Me x 4 Mate x 2 and young lad x 1(nice shot too,a good distance).All in all a decent night,but we could of got into double figures if they had all played the game........

    End of evening shot(excuse the pun).......

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    Nice one Martin

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    I imagine the farmer was well chuffed.

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    nice one martin allways had you down as a bit of a killer
    regards pete .

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    at least you dont get indegestion from these kebabs got a road kill munty on mine at present ,no takers YET

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    Well done Martin - - a good result !


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    Crackin read, and very well done... Think I'll be trying the "kebab" this staked out baits are getting taken too easily...

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    Cracking night, good shooting

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    A good night but what I would like to know is how do you guys get away with this. Surely if you take on vermin control on farm land especially where there is vulnerable stock you have rid of the foxes before the farmer sees 5 around a calf. I do a lot of vermin control and I know for one I would be embarrassed if a framer had to phone me and secondly there are many land owners who would not phone the person with permission but some other person who can do the job properly. That's how I get most of my work.

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    500 acres of all rape at the moment all headlands are els and chest high so no lamping since i dont know when .kebab is 100 yrds from the back door or kitchen window ,i take a look when i go in the room or the wife calls me when she spots one .the dogs are also pretty good at letting me know if one is about too.dont worry the lamp will be out as soon as crops off and the snares are always on 24hrs. give the kebab a whirl ,used them since i moved onto the shoot and have accounted for many foxs

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