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Thread: Soon to be webfooted new guy

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    Soon to be webfooted new guy

    Hi everyone,
    Just a quick hello from a new guy (middle aged really). This is coming from an incredibly wet South Lanarkshire and I'm thinking I missed our summer when I was nightshift a few weeks back.
    I am new to CF and recently bought a Browning A bolt .223 having returned to shooting via airgunning after an absence of over 20 years.
    My kids keep some hens and previously I have had to call on the services of a friend when Mr Fox has made an appearance.
    Looking forward to picking the brains of some of you more knowledgable folks.

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    Welcome to the site, lots to learn on here and lots of people willing to help.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Ive cut another pop hole in the back of the hen house then put a treddle activated cage trap inside the coop butted up against the false pop hole , you need a bit of ply on top of the trap your your hens fill it with crap , youll be suprise how many go in

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