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Thread: Best option for a first time stalker ?

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    Best option for a first time stalker ?

    Right guys just looking for some advice anyone could offer please ?

    I currently have a 243 but my firearms office are a bit funny about adding Deer onto my ticket, Obviously I have no experience and wouldn't be planning on going out on my own right away, my current mentor for fox has stalked for years and was going to go with him.

    I sent them a letter to remove the mentoring condition for Fox I had, and to add dear.

    They said they MIGHT add Deer but will impose a mentoring condition but ALSO want to keep the condition for fox! Ive had this condition for about 2 years now

    Anyways I am looking now to get a bit more stalking experience so when I do ask to remove the conditions I will have some good experience behind me!

    Can anyone recommend a place to book a stalk with estate rifle and guide ?
    My mate said Westcountrydeerservices with Andy Payne was good, You go out in the morning and night , think its about 200 plus then you pay a cull fee and then fee to keep the meat. I wouldn't know if this is good since I've never been!

    Appreciate if anyone can offer me any advice cheers

    EDIT TO ADD: I am in South Wales near Bridgend but obviously am willing to travel
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    Why not give Ian F a pm
    he has everything you require including an estate rifle and a trustworthy reputation

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    Jelen Deer Services offer good stalking near Winchester in Hampshire. The fees are a little less than those you've quoted and no cull fee. They'll look after you well. The Stalks Manager is a chap called Simon Gerrey - - he'll see you right. You can even go using one of their estate rifles, rather than have to wait for any variation. They are used to people of all experience going there - and they offer DSCL1, another good thing to get to shove in front of your friendly FLO.....


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    Thanks very much lads, someone on Pigeon Watch mentioned Jelen Deer Services. I think I will have a look and give them a call and hopefully book a stalk

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    Hi Bigthug87

    Have a ring around and get some prices before you book I'm sure some guys on here will get you some names and numbers.
    Make sure you are crystal clear on what you are paying for and how much it will be.
    Good luck
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    Try Jon Snowdon up at Greenlee , He can do you a very good package . 01434344067 .

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    Jelen would be able to sort all your needs with stalking and puting you through your dsc1 which would help you alot regarding you FAC

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    make a formal request to add dear anyway, accept the mentoring for deer tell them you have stalking booked and you wish to use your own rifle. As its a deer legal cal i don't see how they can refuse you especially as you have been shooting live quarry with it for 2 years ! Sometimes you just have to push them and ask them to tell you in writing why they have declined your request should they not give it, that wored for me many years ago. Good luck.

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    Pm me if you want to book some autumn or winter stalking. costs are 65 a stalk no kill fee for doe's. Fallow and Roe available over a 2,500 acre estate in West Sussex. Or Sika stalking in Dorset same price. 2 Estate rifles available moderated.

    Meat damage to be paid for or buy and take the carcase away with you. Accommodation in West Sussex at a self catering barn is 25 a night with linen/towels included.


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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    Sometimes you just have to push them and ask them to tell you in writing why they have declined your request should they not give it.
    Good advice. If they were ready to remove your mentoring condition for fox then it might be an idea to ask why they consider that you would not be considered safe with the same rifle on different quarry? The issue they should be considering is public safety pure and simple, nothing to do with 'deer welfare' or any other fanciful reason they might think up.

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