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Thread: A couple of videos from my bedroom window.......

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    Damm ! when i read the words bedroom and video i had a different thought in my head but not to worry those were great video's you took ! lol

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    Well done mate enjoyed the vids mainly the second one. I have a video of a about a six month roe kid on my phone that i took in my garden from only seven yards just dont no how to post it on here. Its amazing watching deer from your window.

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    wanna buy a strimmer or something

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    Why would I strim it,I most likely wouldn't get the deer in then and it is a great help being able to observe deer in such close quarters,and sat on a comfy


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    Great videos Martin, thanks for sharing them.
    I wished I had them come into my garden, no need going looking all the time, just have a cup of tea and watch from home.

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    Is she blind in her left eye? Looking at second vis her eye looks clouded through.
    Cracking footage too.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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