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    Dew claws , my bitch puppy still has her dew claws, at what age approx should I have them removed !if at all !is it necessary!!
    My vet said it would be under anesthetic there is a risk.Guess in a way have answered my question RISK.
    Thoughts please ,

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    Trapper,what breed is your dog,I have a running dog,and terriers,and,I have the dew claws removed from the running dog,but,leave them on the terriers...........Martin.

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    I have 2 spainels and only the youngest one had his dew claws removed when his tail was done, but the older one, his dad, stiil had his until he was 6 but after ripping them both off in one season he had them removed after that. So he was 6 when he had his removed and he is much better in cover now.

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    the dew claws are normaly removed in the first few days when the tail is docked, sometimes they do not pertrude that much that a vet feels the need to remove them
    unless they start to cause a problem all you should need to do is keep an eye on them and clip them
    other than that consult your vet and go from there
    but the older the dog gets the more painfull it gets and will require general anisectic for the op
    but if it is nessecary get it done as the dog will only suffer in the long run

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    My Puppy is a large munsterlander, 4 months old now, not docked as tail is a rudder , and she has webbed feet! HPR group she is already keen as mustard , I think i will just see how it goes! Or I wont have a problem till I have one ! if that makes sense
    Regards Trapper

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    stone first class advice once more .
    got two springer pups left from a litter had their dew claws
    off when we had them docked . but as stone says you might
    never get a problemb so just keep an eye on them
    enjoy your dog and your shooting regards pete .

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    Trapper,you can always strap them you know,and,that would save the dog an operation....................Martin.

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    Waited a fair time for responses , thanks for inputs , She seems fine ,
    so will observe, taken onboard replies . endex

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