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Thread: Double cab hardtop question.

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    Double cab hardtop question.

    Looking for a load area hardtop without side windows for the VW Amarok - but experience of any vehicle fit would do as most manufacturers appear to be gearing up for supply. Seem to be a few out there with a spread of prices, so any recommendations on manufacturers, quality, etc. would be welcome.

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    carryboy on my L200 dont leak, dont move ,the mutts love it

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    Have a Truckman on mine clambed well down good bit of kit

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    I have one my Hilux from Propa , well second one actualy the first one was a pile of junk , they replaced it after a battle with another heap of crap, it leaks around the window and window seals through the roof bar bolt holes the bolt holes that hold the back window hinges, siliconed all round still the water pours in , so I wont recommend that company,

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    orion,what hardtop did you get for the amarok?i,ve seen carryboy and aeroklas commercial one,s,both have a opening front window but blank sides,amarok arrives on thursday so need to decide pretty quick.cheers

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    orion empty you inbox,cheers

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