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Thread: Barrell cut down

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    Barrell cut down

    I have a tika T3 Varmint in .308 cal, looking to get a bit cut of the barrel due to the weight involved by adding silencer. The problem i have is that my local gun shop ( Borders Gunroom, St Boswells) does not have a suitable laith to do the job due to the varmint barrel. Can anybody point me to a RFD that could carryout the job in the borders area?

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    Border Barrels, Newcastleton

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    Thanks Ranger22, but is ther any body else?

    I have already contacted Border Barrels, they have a long waiting list of work and i need my rifle for the forthcoming Sika rut

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    You could try Steve Kershaw if you dont mind a bit of a drive, added bonus is he will do it while you wait and his work is absolutely spot on.


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    I have had 2 rifles done by Steve, excellent job done, and while you wait if you need too.


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    What about Weldon Gunroom, Longframlington, Morpeth 01665 570011

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