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Thread: The baltics again..

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    The baltics again..

    The post about the baltics reminded me of a shooting related true story.

    In about 92 I was flying to Lithuania on Baltic Air and passing the time by reading the complimentary issue of the Baltic Times newspaper.

    In there i read the sad story of a guy out of his head on vodka and down on hiss luck who tried to commit suicide by shooting himself.

    The problem was he didn't have a gun! But he did have a bullet. So he came up with a cunning plan......

    What he did was to turn on his cooker's gas ring and put the bullet on the on a frying pan and then wait with his mouth open over the bullet......

    But fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint, he was so drunk that he fell asleep, fell over, hit his head on the cooker and had to be taken to hospital with burns and concussion....

    Of course if he'd been in UK he would have had to have had a mentor to show him how to do it properly

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    The bullet survived and went on to live a long and happy life

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