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Thread: Trophy measurement

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    Trophy measurement

    Shot two 6 pt roe bucks in april just weighed skulls they come in at 480g and 460g - bottom jaw.Would they be worth measuring at the Midland Game Fair.Thanks for the help.logburner.

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    unlikely depends on more than just weight,not sure from your post if you have only removed bottom jaw, if you have
    have an uncut skull with bottom jaw removed they could if the volume is good just make bronze had a few at 455g just make bronze.

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    Both heads are worth measuring. If you take them to the Midland Fair the C.I.C team will be happy to judge them for you. If they fail to make the required score there will be no charge, and if you take the time to watch the process your understanding of how the score is made up will improve.

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    + 1 on above post the heads are close and should be measured. The reason the CIC started the no charge policy was so that any one who had a head that was border would still be able to get it done with out the worry of paying for failure after failure.

    best of luck but BT is correct they are borderline weight wise.

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