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Thread: coke fridge /chiller

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    coke fridge /chiller

    whats the going rate for a coke type chiller in reasonable order please chaps

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    About 80-100
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    I got one on eBay for 100, but had watched too many go for more before I got lucky.

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    Blimey, I gave a working double Coke fridge away for nothing earlier this year - I didn't realise they were so sought after!

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    I got lucky mine came from back of shop asked the shop keeper what he wanted for it he said if you take it now you can have it works perfect

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    When i had one from a shop refit i paid 100 for it. had it for 6 years before it gave up and was great for roe and munties but it was hard work getting a decent fallow in ! don't try if you have a dodgy back

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    Great bit of kit tried to hang a fallow buck in it - chiller fell over me and the buck underneath it, had mine off a mate.

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    i already have a larder fridge /chiller so i will try this coke one to make sure it is ok and probably swap it for a stalk

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    Just paid 165 with delivery for mine, hope to get it this week.
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    These half knackered well used coke cabinets do not work as well as the designed for the job chiller cabinets available over here in Germany as these have a fan assist and also come in different sizes for the species required. They seem to be unhappy about being laid horizontal then back to vertical and sometimes work badly.

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