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Thread: .260 rem and N160

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    .260 rem and N160

    So who uses N160 in a .260 rem and what loads do you have?

    Not looking to use anything without working up but I am just curious as I've found the Viht/Lapua to be woefully conservative with the 120gr bullets.

    Perhaps a case (not a pun) of Lapua/Viht wanting to steer people to the 6.5x47?

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    Sorry Reloader 19 in mine.

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    40 gns RL 15 in mine under 120's - Nosler 6 Book load.

    Seems to work fine @ 2895 fps.

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    Sorry, N165 with heavier bullets and looking to try H4350 with the 123gr A-Max soon. Have used N560 with Hornady 129 gr SPs. Regard JCS

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    Milligan, the Vit data is very mild, particularly for the 6.5's except the 6.5x47L funnily enough.

    That said, N160 is really too slow. I tried my 260 on 4831 which is similar. It did not like it at all.

    I am getting excellent results with Re17, but I cannot get any just now. I am going to have to work with 4350 if I can't get the Re17 this week.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I've got good accuracy results with both 140 and 120gr and the latter is running at reasonable velocities (2750fps) but I am now some ways beyond Viht max (42gr) without any pressure signs, but still within the Speer manual quoted max of 45gr. The 140gr are running a modest but respectable 2500'ish.

    My burn rate chart puts Rel 15 on par with the N140 and H380 - it would be grand if N140 worked well as I have several kg's of the stuff for my .308 and .223.

    I have some Rel 19, gun seems to hate the stuff...

    As for the 6.5x47L being more aggressive - it's a marketing conspiracy I tell you.

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    Milligan, with a suitable powder, 2900 fps should be very achievable with the 120gr BT's.

    Ref the 47L you are absolutely right.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    vit 150 looks good for the different bullet weights on the sierra data i have here

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    My velocities are similar. 2580 fps with the 140 AMax (N165), 2750 fps with the 129 gr SP (N165) and 2700 fps with the 129 gr SSTs (RL-19). I am very pleased with the AMax load and shot it at 900 and 1000 yds recently. Also 2610 fps with 142 SMKs (N165), but am not happy with the performance of this load as it doesn't match the accuracy of the 140 AMax. I need to revisit the 142 SMKs when I have time.

    Regards JCS
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    .260Rem and n160

    Hello Milligan, Have used Hornady 140 gr sp over 44gr n160 in my 6.5x55 CZ and have been very pleased with the results. Hope this gives you a guidline load.

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