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Thread: Ayrshire weekend pt2

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    Ayrshire weekend pt2

    Saturday morning (late morning, a pint had turned to several plus a couple of malts) and its out for a stalk up the hill to clear the cobwebs away. Getting about of the way up I stopped for a breather and double checked the oxygen mask and portable paddles were in the roe sack. Sat down, had a coffee, and waited an hour before starting to sound the butalo. Nothing came to the caller so after a further hour or so I started back to the caravan. About half way down the GWP went on point into the wind towards a bit of a ravine. Seeing nothing there (must learn to trust the dogs nose!!) I sauntered over to the ravine to see if anything was feeding down there. Just further down on the opposite edge of the ravine there was a Roe doe looking at me thinking to itself ‘you really should learn to trust that dogs nose you know’ before turning and running off into the forest. Lots of praise for the dog then back to the caravan for a snooze and a bite to eat before the evening stalk.
    About 7pm I set out for another doe box overlooking some new plantation which always looks very ‘deery’ when I spotted this pretty little lady:
    Attachment 8136

    Sorry about the quality, bloomin autofocus insisted on getting the foreground in focus.

    She quite happily went about feeding and it was great to watch her move about, periodically looking over her shoulder back towards the forest. After about 10 minutes she laid down in the grass disappearing from view. Several minutes later she stood up and, to my amazement, had sprouted a couple of four point antlers! Well it was rifle up and 100gr of .243 was winging its way 130yds slap bang into the engine room. I didn’t even see the doe run off the grass was so tall and I can only assume that the buck was already laid up and she’d gone to join him. Anyway, nice little 35lb roe buck into the chiller and the end of another day.
    Attachment 8137

    Saturday night it rained……… the biblical sense and continued into Sunday morning until about 11am when it cleared a little.
    Decided to give the roe box I’d visited upon arrival another shot only to arrive to yet more twitchers sitting about 100yds from the box…..oh dear thinks I.
    As it was getting towards time to go home I decided to visit the same area Id taken the four pointer from the evening before, not really expecting anything to be there. After sitting for a couple of minutes I spotted a nice 6 point buck below me about 350yds away. I started towards the buck down a burn cut and kept glassing the buck to see he hadn’t spotted/winded me, about 100yds in and the buck dropped out of sight into a small valley. I continued down until I was about 100yds from the edge of the small valley. After waiting for a while I decided to give him a bark to see if he would make his way along the march and give me a chance of a shot. He was obviously still in the small valley as he ran to the march wall jumped on top, looked at me and promptly made off into the neighbours forest, maybe next time.
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    Nice write up limulus, thanks for sharing!

    But do yourself a favour and get some contact lenses!

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