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Thread: Anybody use one of these in the UK??

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    Anybody use one of these in the UK??

    I'm thinking of getting one of these ROKON mototractors for off road, back country use. Anyone experienced one? ~Muir
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    I told you, get a quad there is no way it will carry you, your kit and a beast, besides you will only get stuck in the "gloop" when it rains and fall off .
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Never used one but have seen one pretty much go anywhere, not so easy to fall off as the the wheels are so wide it just
    stays upright 2 wheel drive, however still think a quad is a better option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    I told you, get a quad there is no way it will carry you, your kit and a beast, besides you will only get stuck in the "gloop" when it rains and fall off .
    I drove a quad last week and didn't like it. Not enough torque and too much top speed: just the opposite of the Rokon which only does 30 mph flat-out.

    It has plenty of power tho. There's a nice video of US Military using one of these to tow in quads that break down or get stuck. It has a 1000 pound on-chassis weight limit and can tow 2500 pounds on level ground. They also make a single wheel trailer that has a 650 pound capacity along with 49 other accessories including various farm implements and a log skidder. It will climb a 60% grade so I think it would be perfect for prairie and mountain wanderings. Like BogT said, fat tires that won't leave too much of an imprint at 3.5PSI. It will travel 9 hours on 2.8 gallons of gasoline and the tire rims are 4.5 gallon storage tanks for whiskey, water, or fuel... take your pick. If you pick fuel you can be off-road in the back country for 40+ hours which, as you know, is possible here.

    The factory boasts that all nuts, screws and fittings are hardware-store available and that they have standardized parts when they can: the example they use is that the same bearing race is used 18 times in each bike and is available at any bearing/industrial supplier.

    Best of all, it only weighs 250 pounds wet, so even a fat man like me put it into the back of a pick-up truck by myself. It's $1500 cheaper than the minimum sized quad that was recommended to me and comes with a 12 month bumper to bumper guarantee and the dealer is offering to toss in a rifle rack for free.

    Closing arguments, Cuz?~Muir

    (PS: Did I mention that the basic design has remained unchanged for almost 50 years and that I've wanted one since I was 12 years old??)

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    Buy two, bolt them together - best of both worlds

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    If you have wanted one that long buy it
    But don't think of it as a quad replacement, it will get you and a rifle pretty much anywhere.
    It will struggle with extracting a deer, if you want to know more have a search around on ADV rider forum.
    There are a couple of owner on there that do some fairly extreme riding on one.
    I use a quad, a Kawasaki 360, it will go anywhere, pull or carry anything you may need, and in low range climb things you
    would be mad to try. in low range top speed is about 20 mph, if you are brave enough to try.
    Normal high range in 4x4 mode and towing a half ton trailer it will still do 40 mph +, but it will drink the petrol if ridden like that.


    I have never seen one over here, or even heard of one, shame really.

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    A couple of estates tried them a waste of time and well dangerous about 10/12 years ago the had one at the game fair .

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    you wouldn't see me driving around on 2 wheels with my beloved rifle and scope slung across my back on 60 degree slopes esp. after having culled 3 stags and having to bring them back with me... only one thing for that - ARGO...

    Quads are great for general back-country usage too IMHO, but too susceptible to topple over on steep slopes..

    40+ hrs you say,,I can deffo see the attracting in the US, but in the UK,,well, you can travel slowly and still make it from coast to coast. What I'm saying is, the most I've ever needed in the Argo is 4hrs worth of driving, and that's when extraction has been quite far out on the hill.

    ..then again Muir,,if you've always wanted one,,get it It's like owning a Remmy 700 in 6.5x55, makes NO sense whatsoever, but if you want one,,,who's stopping you

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    i can see muir's point totally i would have one of these any day and i cant really see any problem extracting carcases especially if they do a little trailer and even tho my missis has just seen the picture i was looking at and called the bike the reject child of a quad and motorbike i think it looks ok. the only problem i could see is that you couldnt stop and shoot off of it like a quad but you wouldnt be doing that stalking anyway so go for it muir quads are to bloody exspensive

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    Regardless of the width of the tyres, using one of these off-road, you will at some point fall off, I guarantee it! I started riding moto-cross bikes in my early teens and most of the falls I had were low speed and down to nothing more than not seeing a rock,obstacle, tussock, lump of heather etc...

    Your natural instinct when the bike begins to go is to stick your foot out. That is also when most leg/ankle injuries occur. Given the remote areas we stalk and often alone, I would also take a quad every time. More usable, but IMHO more importantly, safer...

    I would rather try and ride a quad bike home with an injury than a 2-wheeler.

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