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Thread: Very Protective Doe

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    Very Protective Doe

    A friend of mine was out walking his dog the other week and from nowwhere came a doe charging and trying to butt his dog.

    As you can see from the video captured by using his phone ( which i apoligise is not the best quality) when some deer have got young they can be very protective

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    WOW ! if i hadnt have seen it with my own eyes i wouldnt have believed it !

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    unique,but its obviously in distress why not back off

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    Yes very unique ,but quite agree with long hair why put it through the stress ! pretty stupid in my opinion we are always telling members of the public to leave young deer in place etc so why prolong this episode for a minute film on u tube !

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    I once shot a young buck that almost had a go at ME! I stalked it into about 50yds, then just as I got ready for the shot, it clocked me,,then started kicking up dirt with it's front legs, barked and ran aggresively towards me. The apparent 'attack' was met with a friendly round of Norma's finest

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    how close was you if you flimed this on you phone well done cant believe it

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