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Thread: Remington bolt disassembly tool

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    Remington bolt disassembly tool

    Anybody got one? Are they any good or am i better off sticking to using a penny and vice.

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    Use your boot lace mate!

    When you are wearing lace up boots put the end of the bolt under the bottom loop of your bootlace.
    Pull the bolt up and the bootlace will pull the catch down.
    While you pull the bolt unscrew the body!!



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    A penny and a vice are as good as any to get the bolt apart. If you want a tool to get the firing pin out I have one, home made but works a treat. You are welcome to use it.

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    Bootlace, aye i've seen that trick. Thanks for the offer JeffreyL only strip the bolt to give it quick clean. they never seem to get that dirty so i've never bothered trying to take the firing pin out.

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    +1 for bootlace. Costs nowt, and works.

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    I have the Kleindorst bolt tool and its brilliant, quick simple and effortless, none of this faffing about with make do and bodge ways of removing the firing pin.
    Well worth it.


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    I have the remington tool, as to use and won't slip like a penny will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjm1066 View Post
    I have the remington tool, as to use and won't slip like a penny will.
    Where did you get the remy tool?

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