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Thread: Hi all !!!!

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    Hi all !!!!

    Names Ray, spent the last 30 years or more of my life wandering around the world.
    My main interest is rough shooting and wild fowling, but like to do the occassional bit of driven boar shooting, or deer stalking. I used to use a .308 Winchester and a .223 Remington for this, but also used a 12 gauge with modified Forster type 1 oz slug, which I found accurate with a scope out to 100 metres plus, and with a reflex type site out to 60 metres.
    Now IŽm back in the UK, IŽll probably be doing a few trips back over to France/Germany/Poland, and Hungary to do some boar shooting again, and to begin with IŽll use the 12 gauge semi auto for this. Later IŽll probably go and get myself a .223 or .243, maybe a 22/250, and also a .308 or a 30/06 again. But for now the 12 guage works as a general all round tool, although I wouldnŽt advise using it without something more than the bead site above 30/35 metres.

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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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