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Thread: Roe Calls

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    Roe Calls

    Does anyone have any experience of the Nordik Roe call, and how do you think it compares to a Buttalo?

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    The Buttalo is easier to use i would say, the Nordik takes a wee bit of practise but can cover a bigger distance and can be worked hands free, i use both for different situations.

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    The buttalo can also be used hands free, but the nordik is not as effective in my opinion

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    Have both but find that the German "Rottumtaler rehblatter", now there is a name, from Klaus Demmel works better than both.

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    i have just baught one of those and i have had great success calling in 4 does and one kid but no bucks as yet last night a single peep braught a doe from 300 yrds right up close. the kid was very exiting as it brushed past me in the long grass what was really interesting was the calling back that the kid did very soft sounds, mother soon came to see what was going on .so all in all very pleased with it on my first outing this sound came crashing through the wood and sprung out into the open but unfortunately a doe but still very exiting

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