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Thread: Cla gamefair bmh stand

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    Cla gamefair bmh stand

    Make sure you stop in and visit the Bavarian Mountain Hound stand within the discover dogs area at the CLA. Be a good opportunity for some of you guys with new pups etc to join the society and enjoy all the benefits! and chat with some experienced handlers (i'm not including myself in the experienced part! just a handler!!).

    see you all there!

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    Will be there with both our dogs on Saturday. Will probably drop by at sometime.


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    Well i was going to join but looks like there is not much happening for the money to join good luck.But if you do have any events in scotland let me know.

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    If there were events in Scotland, I'd join too

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    There are plans for a tracking / training / test day in Scotland at some point in the near future, i will let you know if i hear of any plans.

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    I normally pop in for a look and a chat, just luv talking about working dogs
    Last time I ventured onto the stand for a chat
    I was asked to send some pics in of my Lab working for their website... how strange was that???
    But now realise why
    May be a BMH society but they are willing to help promote working dogs of all varietys
    so got to be a bonus in anybodys book
    no dowt I'll pop in some time on sunday aswell as visit the Munsterlander stand too

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