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Thread: sub 400gr moderators

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    sub 400gr moderators

    Apart from the CMM-4 which moderators on the market are below 400gr in weight and suitable for use on a 6.5x55?

    I am not interested in any heavier than this.



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    Hi David

    Not sure if this link might be of interest to you, 385gm.



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    I'm sure Steve Kershaw makes some light ones....

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    The steel cmm6 weighs in at 475 grams, each baffle unit weighs 50 grams.
    I use just 2 baffles with .22 hornet and 3 with the .223.
    I suspect that 4 would be enough for you, as that is how the alloy version comes as standard.


    Sales thread here

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    I have found the following information out, if anyone can help fill in the question marks please let me know.

    price weight db
    DM80 MK3 240.00 450g 31
    Atec CMM4 250.00 220g 24 - 29
    Atec CMM6 190.00 475g ?
    Atec Maxim ? 450g ?
    Roedale delta V 275.00 195g 29.8
    AU SL5 289.00 410g 25 - 32
    Third Eye Spartan 210.00 440g ?
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    A-tec maxim 370g

    I use mine on a 308 and its my favourite mod at the moment, its light very good supression over barrel and modular what more can I say, its the best mod I have used to date and I have used the following, A-tec cmm4, ase northstar, wildcat pred 8,and the t8
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    Roedale with an extra Ti nitride baffle. 220gms.

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