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Thread: 30-06 barrel length?

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    30-06 barrel length?

    Hi all.
    I am having my Sako75 30-06 r-barelled with a 1;12 Walther barrel.

    The most likely combo will be 150grn Hornady interlock with H414 and was thinking about a 24''-26'' barrel..................any views on optimum barrel lenght ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Moderator or not?

    My 30/06 has a 20.5" barrel, its a bit loud without a can, with the can it is a pussy.

    I would say 23"-24" if you don't intend to mod it, if you are going to thread it, 21", 22" max.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Hi Claret,
    I have a Roedale mod but prefer to stalk without to be honest.
    My main concern with barrel lenght is to get the best out of the H414.

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    How fast is H414? Not a reloader myself, always liked Norma since back in the '60s. Need a longer barrel for a slow powder. Not quite advocating black powder lengths. Not quite that old!!!


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    A comparitive slow powder, no 109 on the burn rate chart.
    recomended by Hodgdon for 30-06

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    If you are going with a Roedale, I would go around 22".

    I have a Roedale on my 260 - it is the business.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    anything over 20"s will do, not less. more increases MV by around 40fps per inch, which is not really worth worrying about compared to the extra weight and massive length to deal with .. unless you have a REALLY slow burning propellant, you'll get pretty much full combustion from your first 20"'s or so anyway.

    from what I've read, note 'read',,I'd suggest anything between 20" and 22" if you're a stalker who's going to be carrying the ******* around, and/or sticking an MOD on the end.

    If you're using it only for varminting and/or target shooting, yeah, stick with the full 24" to 26" poker,,,,but I highly doubt you'd pick a 30-06 for that job

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    No PKL its quite definitely a dedicated deer rifle, I've a 308 FTr for target and a 223 for Varmint.
    I'd like the rifle to be as portable as possible.

    Thanks for the replies by the way.

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    If you look at a lot at reloading data they use a 24" or 26" barrel length to get their figures. 24" was the norm but then the accountants worked out that reducing the length 2" to 22" could save them time and money so 22" became the norm to be offered.. I'll bet their rubbing their hands with the fashion for shorter barrels still .

    If I was choosing the length for a .30 Springfield chambered rifle then it would be 24" as it gives you more options powders wise however I would be using 165 grain bullets as with the 150's your not gaining anything over the .308 and if length is a problem well if you get a dedicated .308 action length then you will save 1/2" on an American action length and a whole 1/4" on a Mauser 98 based action.

    Obviously you are quite willing to handle the length with moderator so I say go 24" .

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    I shot with 20" mannlicher and it was nice and accurate.

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