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Thread: Moving guns to new house.

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    Moving guns to new house.

    had the firearms officer round this evening regarding shotgun renewal.

    while he was here i mentioned that i would be moving within the near future, and at what point did i need to notify them of the new address etc, and the process for moving the caninet and guns. his response was, to take the guns out, and put them in the local rfd. then go back remove cabinet take to new home and refix, ring the FLO same day, and notify of new address, then go back the next day to the rfd and collect guns. Said he wasnt particularly bothered about checking the cab before i put the guns in, he will come at some point after i have got the cab and guns in.

    now to me this seems a bit of a faff? can i not just take cab out, take to new house with guns in, then refix and ring them to tell them ive moved?

    I am moving approx 5 minute drive up the road, so dont see why this would be a problem, especially as he doesnt want to see the cab empty to ensure its ok before i put the guns in??

    And this was after he told me i will be losing the available calibres i have if i dont buy the guns to fill them before firearms is up for renewal!!

    Anyone got any comments?

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    You are correct you dont have to tell them until you have moved and then just send your licence in for a change of adress.
    (I only moved next door from number 2 to number one I sent in both of my certificates one came back with 1 on it and the other with 2 on it.
    So it goes.

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    As you say a bit faff! Going through the rig-ma-roll of put'n them into your local RFD, to return shortly afterwards to collect.

    You will probably have the job in hand in a few hours or so, but that's the Rules. or is it.!!

    On your other point I rekon because you have'nt filled the slots on your ticket they'll be think'n " Ah well he can't be need'n them then"

    So you better get your CASH OUT PRONTO!!

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    There is no rule that you have to lodge with RFD, just store them securely.

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    I moved from GMP to LANCS, they both told me the day i move the cabinet with the rifle's i have to fit it to the wall etc. I did i rang them that same day in the evening they rang me the following day and booked appointment to come and inspect. No problems.

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    What a load of *****, who writes his script it will take you even if your useless 15 minutes to fit a cabinet to the wall .

    Get on with your move tell the clown you've moved ,as for your open slots tell him you'll fill them when you have the cash to do so,you have other priorities at this moment in time paying a fortune for weapon isn't one of them ,that you payed for the slots on the certificate ,is he blind can he not see what is going on in the world at this moment.

    Sorry these people piss me right off ,no doubt a retired cop on a good pension holding a job ,on a power trip ,this country we live in has meant to have freedom of speech,opinion and allow you to live as you so wish ,not to be dictated to every time we do something, we have the lawful right to carry out just when and where are we going to be allowed to live our own life as we please.

    Our fore fathers fought and died in conflicts around the globe to make this place a better place to live in , here I thought I had stopped putting my hand up to do something when I left school, they forget that FAC holders are cleaner than the driven snow when it comes down to living life correctly ,one cock up the weapons are gone.

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    Doesn't matter how you move them, but they are your responsibility, so you do what you feel safe doing.
    Not 100% sure, but I believe you have 7 days to inform them about the change of address.


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    Quote Originally Posted by shudadunityonksago View Post
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    well part of that statement may be true?!

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    this is ******** as already said if you take the cabinet off the wall put it in your car filled with the guns drive straight away to the new house then afix the cabinet in the new house straight away you havent broken any rules as youve kept them secure whilst in transport and when they have been out of the cabinet whilst youve either taken it off on put on the wall they have been in your supervision

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