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Thread: Roe herds?

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    Smile Roe herds?

    Where I hunt in Texas we tend to have lots of deer. We might hunt hundreds to many thousands of acres with very few houses. We also hunt 'game feeders' where we tend to see the same deer throughout the year. During season the bucks tend to become more nocturnal and wary. The does not near so. Our whitetail deer tend to run in small herds. Usually 3-5 bucks will run in bachelor groups until rut, then split up, with the larger bucks always by themselves and go back to small groups again after rutting is over. It is not uncommon for young non-breeding bachelors to hang together even during rut. Does, fawns and yearling bucks usually run in herds until rut, when the young bucks are run off by their mothers. It is not uncommon, where I hunt to see, to see groups of does numbering in the teens, but most are around 4-7 in number. One might see single does, or a doe and fawn or two, but the larger groups are more common.

    Sorry, that night have been more info than you ever wanted to know!

    My question, finally, is do roes herd like this? It seems to me in the photos, films, and stories that I've red that roe are much more solitary. thanks in advance, capt david

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    My stalking is all Roe and mainly woodland so I guess rather different from yours, but in my experience I tend to agree with your views. I have rarely seen them together in a large social group. However I have seen photos on this site I think of exactly that.

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    Howa no mate your right and groups of roe are what they are they are not herds. We need to ask our selves why the roe are to gether in groups and for me there is only one reason and that is food. As the winter comes in the deer will group on the same ground the ground that has the best feeding .But they dont like being together at all. one thing you can be sure of when you see a herd of deer that naturally herd they will all move together and will run away in the same direction most of the time .If you spook a large group of roe you will realise quite quick that they are only in the same place but not actually together.

    ps just an opinion and i do see large groups of deer in the same areas.

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    David, I like the sound of large open spaces, saw it when I did the park tour in USA, Idaho and Wyoming, then Colorado were amazing. Roe tend to be hang around in family packs, doe and kids, plus the buck in attendance during rut about now till maybe mid August, the rut tends to happen historically around 1st week of August but can vary, hot humid weather tends to bring it on, but varies by a few days throughout the UK, and lasts about a week or two. During the winter you can see larger groups of roe, these are usually several family groups pulled together due to good foraging in or on certain crops, but yes they are mainly in groups of three to four. Of all six of our deer types the roe is the most captivating one to watch, study and hunt, also the only one that has delayed implantation as stoats, weasels,beavers etc and bears do. deerwarden

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    Roe are territorial for most of the year, but can form herds during the winter months when the bucks have antlers in velvet. This is particularly common in large open fields. the most I have ever seen in one group was this bunch while in Poland. I would say it would be very rare to see a group of this size in the UK.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I know less about roe than our other species, but I too have seen big groups of does in Germany and Poland in the winter. They behaved very much like herds and would flee together when disturbed.

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    Food, or a shortage of can be a great way to concentrate deer. I'll never forget on a hunt, about 20yrs ago, where I hunted a rise, between two draws. I was facing away from from a dense juniper thicket. I could see nothing behind me, but could see around 300yds square in front of me. It was mostly open, with a few small cactus and small bushes. Across the road 300yds in front of me was a 1000 acre peanut field. I was on a day hunt and could shoot two spikes/does per two day hunt. It was my first evening. About 30min before sundown, with an hour or so hunting time left, deer began to feed out of the juniper into the draws. Within the next 30 min I had around 100 deer on both sides of me. They were staging in the low area, waiting for dark to go to the peanuts. I assume that because they were in the valley/draw that they thought they were safe. I picked out the biggest, closest spike and killed him. He dropped within feet of where he was shot. I remained in my blind untill well after dark when I was picked up. Most ran back into the juniper, but 20 or so remained in the field. By the time it had gotten too dark to see most were back and heading to the peanuts. Of the 15 or so bucks that I saw, most were yearlings or other young deer and only a couple of marginal trophies. To say the least, that is a hunt that I will never forget. The next evening I hunted the side of the draw, to my right and my friend hunted the other side to my left. This left the ridge, that I had hunted the night before, between us. My friend shot the first deer he saw early. I guess that probably had them a little skittish. That evening I shot a little later because I only saw about 20 or so and no bucks. The next year there was an 8ft deer proof fence along the treeline and no deer. Too bad! capt david

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    quoting the words of henry tegner ,fallow are a herding deer roe are a family deer.

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    Capt D

    Roe in Scotland- pretty much hang loose in small family groups or on their own for most of the year but can gather together in hard weather. Most Roe I have seen in one congregation was 26 on a field of neeps (swedes) when there was a good covering of snow

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    I would think nothing of seeing a group such as the one in 6pointers photo. In fact, groups of that size are commonplace. capt david

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