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Thread: ello boys

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    ello boys

    hi fellas just joined tonight im hunting for a 22.250 bin on other foums in doncaster can travel tell us wat you have thanks swiss

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    That introduction tells us when you joined and what you want, nothing about you, have another go.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Swiss tony ! the used gun dealer ? using a 250 is alot like making love to a beautiful woman , youve got to oil her up , hold her gentley then when your lined up straight bang away

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    thats the one fella you no the score lol

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    ok i joined to look for gun thats all as my mate said there was a few on here my main web forum is pigeon watch i do pest control on 10 farms round market weighton east yorkshire a few deer on but not really a problem yet i shoot over 1000 bunnys a year and do bit of pigeon shooting just geting into foxeing so thats why im after a 22.250 iv got 3 shotguns hmr and a 22lr is that ok for introductions

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    Well i do have an RWS model 89 scpoed and T8 fitted for 500

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