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    New to the Forum

    Thought I would say hello to all as I have just joined. Live in Cheshire, Keen Game Shooter, Salmon Fisher and starting to do more stalking. Have been Red Hind Stalking, Roe buck and Fallow, considering Africa with a Pal who goes every year!

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    Welcome to the site. All I know about Cheshire is that it's the county where we got our part-trained labrador - we've just never figured out which part was trained!

    What sort of deer do you have in the county?


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    Hello Matty,

    and welcome to the site. You have come to the right place, we even do Africa.


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    Hi Matty & welcome im not to far from your self i live in Lancashire & i am a fairly new member myself but find the site A-1 & all the guys etc & i have bin given excellent advice & read some pretty interesting stuff over the last couple of weeks sure you will enjoy mate.

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    Hi Matty,
    This site as everything you need to know about stalking and more if you ask and the members are really helpful.
    look forward to reading your posts and Im not to far from either yourself or weeman Im also in lancs.


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    hi matty,welcome aboard mate.this site is the best if you have any questions fire away and someone will be there to in staffs.

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    Welcome Matty,

    All I know about Cheshire is that you have a lot of footballers hanging about the place!

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    Welcome to the best site on the Web, hope you enjoy it. All the best to you

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    Thanks Guys, made to feel very welcome! - will keep you posted on my Stalking Escapades/adventures.


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