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Thread: My faith in Human Nature Takes a Downturn

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    My faith in Human Nature Takes a Downturn

    How sad it is for me to report that my faith in human nature has taken a bashing. A guy came to me at The Midland Game Fair and bought a set of Quadpod Stalking Sticks. Later in the day he came back and said that he had phoned his friend and wanted to buy another set for him but, he was £20 short of the required sum. He really seemed a genuine and nice chap so I gave him the sticks and my business card and said that he could put a cheque in the post when he got home. Itís now 2 weeks since the game Fair and no cheque has arrived so I suppose thatís the end of that.

    Now I can imagine what you must all be thinking, and yes, I could be a fool, or worse, but, as this world grows more unfriendly and selfish by the day I just thought I could help someone out. To have that trust betrayed really bugs me.

    I canít imagine for one minute Iíll ever see the guy again, or indeed the 20 quid, so I will put it down to experience and soldier on.

    Will I do the same for someone else in the future? ............... Yes, I probably will.

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    If only the marjority of people was like your self. Iwork with vulnerunable people & at times i see some shocking moments with people trying to rip people off. Even a gun shop tryed to rip me off a while ago & they say support your local shop.

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    Well I am saddened to hear that, but it is a sign of the times I am afraid, the more you try to help people the more they take advantage.

    How many times do you see when someone is trying to do a good turn, it is never good enough, more than they were charged, more than they would pay etc. It seems that they want everyone else to pay the price for their pleasures, they never see the good in anything always the bad, it really peeves me.

    It's endemic throughout the whole of society and you get kids growing up thinking it is the right way to carry on. Just rip everyone else off and look after number one!

    I feel a bit better now.


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    Tell you what, whenever I come across someone with a set of your sticks (and they are very unusual) I will tell them your tale and watch for a guilty reaction.

    I sell downloadable software/services over the web all over the world, occasionally I get an email when the on line ordering system is down for whatever reason and people need it quickly, in most cases I'll supply and say 'pay tomorrow', but the only two countries I will NOT supply to on promise of future payment are Nigeria and the UK.

    There is too much of a culture of 'see what you can get away with free' here. I'm not talking about 2 people out of 4 are a bit slow in paying, I mean all 4 wont do it. It tales threatening letters to get paid.

    It's not that there is a problem with the software, there are not complaints - they just think they dont have to bother to pay.

    I have every sympathy. You never know it might arrive yet

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    Sorry to hear about that Blot

    I had an episode quite a number of years back now. I had been shooting in Cambridgeshire and was on my way home when i saw a hitch hiker holding out a tachograph thumbing a lift. I thought what the hell, that A1 is a bloody long road up to Yorkshire and can get very tiring so i thought the company would help me stay awake. Anyway i pulled over and offered this guy a lift and off we went.
    After a while chatting this guy asked if i could lend him £15 and he promised to send me a cheque the next week and even backed it up with an address written on the back of this tachograph. I was a bit wary but then he started with the sob story about being a lone parent and wanting to get home to his daughter whom by the way was unwell, I must just add that he took his shoes off to relax his feet and his bloody sock stank for England
    I stopped at a services and got him 15 quid and bid him a safe journey and wished him well with his daughter and also told him not to let me down, with a reply from him that he wouldn`t, that was about 8 years ago now and i am still waiting.
    The address he gave me was up the M6 at a place called Longtown so on one of my many visits up to Scotland i took time to look for his address, but would you believe it, it didn`t exist, what are the chances of that eh?

    Do i feel daft also,? yes, because i fell hook line and sinker for the s***house. But, what it has done is make me more aware in the future, and when all is said and done, it was only 15 quid, possibly a very cheep lesson.


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    well l have the opposite story to tell, you.
    i enquired about anyone having a scope that they no longer use on this site,
    l got a replie
    the deal was done
    however the scope was posted to me first so the seller could get the price for postage.
    He then pm'd me telling me the total after a recieved it, popped the cheque in the post yesterday to him, there you go, two true gentlemen!!

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    Sorry to hear that Blot. You are to trusting. I wonder if matey charged his mate the full wack? Probably, so that`s two he stitched up.

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    Picked up a guy with a broken down car some years ago. Offered to drop him off at his home. He seemed reluctant to give an address, just gave me left here right here directions. Eventually we pulled into a field full of caravans. Now at about that moment he opened up and told me he was with the fair, a traveller. He asked me to return the following evening when they were set up and ask for him by name. We spent the whole evening there, about six of us. He had spoken to every ride owner, we never paid a penny all night. Yes I've been ripped off too, but the buzz from the good people outweighs the smell from the sh**t everytime.

    Just my ten penneth,

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    *** OLD SAYING ALERT****
    If you lend a mate £20 and you never see him again,it was probably worth it

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    My faith in Human Nature Takes a Downturn

    Sometimes you have to trust people, where would we be without trust.
    My daughter was back packing in Central America when a Japanese student had his pack stolen with all his cards etc. She gave him money to tide him over and he did send the money from Japan, so there !
    No good will come of those sticks or the chap who did you !

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