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Thread: Another 4x4 thread... :)

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    Another 4x4 thread... :)

    Hi all,

    been a while since I last visted, hope you'll all forgive me for being a bit quiet - things have changed a fair bit for me this year, what with becoming single again, finishing the renovations on the house (almost - last room to go), and, most importantly, getting involved in a deer management group with access to 16,000 acres of land...

    So, as I've now established myself as competent with the group and am looking forward to a fun-packed winter of stalking, I'm in the market for a 4x4. I had thought of getting one previously as the last couple of winters have left me snowed in and stranded at home, my VW Touran just not up to the local hills, wet and snow.

    Since I'll now need to drive into the odd field to recover carcasses as well as negotiate the usual floods, ice and snow on the hills of the Quantocks and Exmoor, a 4x4 seems rather essential.

    However, the vehicle will also need to be comfy on road as it will be my only vehicle come April (when I give back the VW Touran as it's lease is up), and it'll need to do the odd 1.5hr motorway drive (about twice a month).

    I was pretty set on a Hilux or L200, and went to see an L200 4work yesterday - it was a nice truck, in great condition, but I'm a big girl's blouse... I don't think I can deal with the loss of my electric windows, mirrors, climate control, AC, and the other bells and whistles I've been used to with my company cars of the last 10 or 15 years...

    So come on guys, help me out here - what should I be looking at?

    I have a VW Polo to px, which I've been offered 3k-3.5k on, and I'm willing to add another 5-7k in cash to that - past that I'd look for finance. Once the Touran is handed back I'll get a cash allowance (around 240/month after tax) from the company - sadly a 4x4 is not on the list of permitted company vehicles, or that might have solved my problem!

    Have looked at SUV's and crossovers, but none seem to have the boot space for a couple of roe, or a Sika... (or a pair of wet dogs)

    So, it needs to do some light off-road, be capable of driving on snowy/icy hills or through floods or mud, have a washable boot, be capable of taking a kayak on the roof and towing a trailer (mgt co. has an ATV for tough recovers), but have decent mpg, be comfy on road on long trips, and have the girly electric accessories (oor er missus)...

    Am I asking for the moon? Do I need to win the lottery for my ideal 4x4?

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    It's the comfort thing that is the real problem. A lot of the kingcabs have electric winders on the front. The hilux comes with a diff lock which is good. Friend of mine has an Isuzu which he finds pretty good. Second hand find one that has been driven by a poser of either/both sex so that it hasn't been thrashed.

    One thing that might work for you 'cos they have a huge warranty is either the Hyundai Sant Fe or the Kia Sportage, I don't think they have low ratio but decent tyres would go a long way to get round that. Also their depreciation in the first couple of years is pretty vertical so someone else would take the hit for you.

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    Get yourself along to VW at Silk Mills in Taunton. They have an Amarok demonstrator just waiting for you to test drive!

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    A good Jeep Grand Cherokee can be had for a lot less money than you have available. They are super comfy (designed for the american market, I did the drive from the highlands to the south a few times in mine and it's the only time I've got out of the car after a 6 hour drive and not felt tired) and have all the mod cons, air con, electric everything, even heated seats on some of the higher models. The older TD models are a good buy, as long as the engine is strong, and they are simple and relatively cheap to fix in the most part.

    Of course, you could spend a lot more money on a newer motor, but if you get something a bit older then you can have a load more to spend on shiny shooting stuff!

    That said, the HILUX my boss has boasts all the mod cons, plus a strong diesel lump that drags it along at a fair lick, but with a relatively low fuel consumption. It also has plenty of room for several red carcasses in the back and the crewcab means plenty of room to keep guns and gear nice and dry!

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    My two penneth would be:

    1) Have a look at a Subaru Forester, they seem to have quite a lot of capability (usual proviso with buying any Subaru: Have either been owned by wanna be rally drivers or farmers, make sure it's a good'un!). Also, for petrols, in the higher performance versions they can drink fuel like no one's business so get a senible one. Otherwise myself, Geoshot and Rex Tillerson will send you a Christmas card for keeping the oil price up.

    2) Nissan X-Trail seems to do quite well and has in some ways low street cred so depreciates quite fast. Get one for a city dealership with curb alloys as it might well have been used up pavement rather than off road.

    3) Wildcard choice: Long wheel based Jeep Wrangler. Quite a lot of kit and quite capable?



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    HILUX all the way.....I reckon it will do all you ask. I love mine, I had a disco before and loved it while I had it but now I switched I've realised what I've been missing. Get free wheeling front hubs and that saves on diesel. They aren't as good off road but I get everywhere I need to as a keeper. You can hose blood out, Thats is a god send.

    I think they are the best all round vehicle out there. The other pick ups are not as good! Put into google (name of car) followed by problems. e.g. "Hilux problems"

    Quite interesting what issue are re-occuring on each vehicle.

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    hi what about mitsibishi shogun3.2 good motor have had 3 now for work and play no problems. can be found cheap if you only want 2 seats get a commercial/van good towing truck.
    had a mitsibishi sport same as L200/animal to hi reving short of a extra top gear

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    Freelander 2 Had mine for two years now and am delighted. Nothing goes wrong, 33 mpg and very comfortable with all the toys. Offroad ability is amazing, early ones now down to about 10k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by purdey24 View Post
    Freelander 2 Had mine for two years now and am delighted. Nothing goes wrong, 33 mpg and very comfortable with all the toys. Offroad ability is amazing, early ones now down to about 10k.
    You must drive like a girl - I struggle to get 27/28mpg in mine!

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    My requirements were pretty much the sames as yours - had to do the rough stuff with carcasses, dogs and mud but also had to be civilised and economical enough for the daily commute. I've had several full on 4x4s and they were all great as pure off roaders but either lacked manners / comfort as a road vehicle or had terrible fuel consumption - my mileage is high enough to make anything below 30mpg economically unviable.

    I went for a Nissan X Trail - it does 40mpg, has a capable 4wd system, loads of space, all the toys and goes like stink when needed. I've lived with for 30,000 miles now and it has been excellent, coping with long stalking trips, two large dogs and a 60 mile daily commute. It is no Land Rover off road but manages most stuff OK with the right tyres. However, buy one with 16" wheels as buying all terrain tyres in the correct width for the 17" rims is currently impossible. I would also look at the new Freelander - seems to be showing decent reliability, unlike its predecessors, and does all of the above as well, if not better.


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