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    Hi, I have been viewing stalking directory for many months and I decided I must join.

    I have been shooting for over 35 years, started with GNTC (Girls Nautical Training Corps - now the Sea Cadet Corps) when I was 14, just air rifle in the woods for rabbit before that with my dad.

    Over the years I have had/tried/owned most rifles/shotguns/pistols(RIP) but have settled on the ubiquitous 10/22, a SAKO in 243, Sauer 202 in 308 and as it happens a P14 in 303 - that ain't a hunting rifle!

    Will be looking for a 22-250 again for fox etc. as well but as I haven't any land at the moment it's not needed.

    Just had a couple of years of hard work, family issues (loss of parents) which has put the shooting on the back-burner, but now getting revitalised looking for some land perhaps a syndicate and finish off my DMQ2 (never had anything like that when my dad first took me out when I was a puppy!)


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    welcome on board the site quite good atb the highlander

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    Welcome to the site, lots of opportunities for you to finnish your level 2 down your way.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    **** a bitch pup Get in touch with Gazza off the site he will guide you in the correct direction just tell him you will give him a miss on his emails to many bushes in them and not enough deer.

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    Just watch you dont set all these old bucks off.

    Seriously nice to see the other gender having some input into the sport

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    Hi Julie, Like yourself I am also in West Lothian. I am new to Stalking, in fact new to the whole shooting scene. Would appreciate it if you could let me know of any clubs / syndicates in ther area. I am due to undetake an intro to stalking course with the view to seeing it through to DSC level 2. Any advice on applying for my firearms cert etc would be greatly appreciated.



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