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Thread: 2 week bin collection

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    2 week bin collection

    Have just been informed our bin is to be collected only once every 2 weeks. I do alot of home meat prep not just deer, alot of rabbits and other game to feed the family, friends as well as the dog and ferrets.
    It gets a bit sniffy and full anyway this time of year, god knows what it would be like with an extra week.
    How do you guys with 2 week bin collections cope?

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    Freeze them down then put them in the wheelie bin on the morning of collection.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Bag it and squeeze all the air out of the bag before tyeing it gives it a extra couple of days ,because of the low air content in the bag

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    You know you could always stick it in your neighbours bin !!

    Am sure if you contacted your local council they'd be ONLY TO HAPPY to provide you with a

    commercial waste bin for a few extra quid..

    All Kid'n aside you could always get yourself a second Wheelie bin for your waste.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    We've got the same but we have recycling ever week so i just put it in with the food waste .

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    What with meat and dog poo i've now got a sideline business - as a maggot farm and the problem is, i aint joking !

    Which reminds me of the rat catcher. Says to his mate " I sell every bit of the rat - meat to dog meat factory, fur to coat makers - nothing gets wasted" Mate says " oh yea and what do you do with the *****". "Sell it to a screw driver factory". So his mate asks what they want it for - " ever heard of ratshit screwdrivers"


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    I got hold of another bin, the stinky one is parked well away, the other one is outside the house.

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    Freeze and then take out the day the bin men come we have had fortnightly pick up for years now. Last weeks bin had 20 heads in it and not much else god know what that would have smelt like had it been left in this weather for 14 days.

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    We get green wheelie bins collected one week, and brown ones (compostable waste) the next week.
    Info from council states quite clearly "NO DEAD ANIMALS". Basically, this means that unless it's actually been cooked etc, (in which case it is classed as waste food) it can't go in the bin. Funnily enough, they included that rule on the info sheet shortly after I'd put the brown bin out full to the brim with pigs heads...!

    When I slaughter animals at home I have the waste collected by the knackerman who gives me a reciept, either for x kg of Offal, or for the whole dead animal, whichever fits in better with my record book!

    Is wild animal waste classified differently?

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    Got the same problem.
    We have a recycling centre that public can take their own rubbish outside of the 2 week pickup.
    I just put 'shooting waste' into old feed bag and take up to skips.

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