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Thread: Unusual colouring in roe deer

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    Unusual colouring in roe deer

    Was out this evening looking for a buck and came across a doe with the usual two well grown young but one of them had a large amount of pure white coat.
    The rear haunches were covered in a saddle shape and also large parts of the rear legs.
    I have never seen anything like this before in a roe and just wondered if anyone else has.

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    i'm also in fife and part white roe appear from time to time. there are a couple of pics in my gallery.

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    seen roe in cumbria/lancashire boarder with white legs, one had white on all four legs upto the knee joints.

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    On a recent trip to some new ground in dumfries I clocked a young roe kid with white haunches and a white face. Mentioned it to the keeper who must have thought I was mad. Hoping he has seen it himself by now!


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    Daverl, your photograph of the skewbald buck behind the fence is exactly like the one that I saw.
    Perhaps they are not so uncommon after all.

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    i've seen about 6 or 7 with varying amounts of white on them over the years but the one in the photo has the most.

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    We've seen a few does like this and I currently have a buck with a white facemask.

    Here is a buck from 3 years ago. It moved 2 miles away from the origional photo in 2 weeks.

    DSC_0228 by mj robson, on Flickr

    IMAG0047 by mj robson, on Flickr


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