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Thread: What scope

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    What scope

    This is probably a very old chestnut, but what scope should I get. I have a Sako 75, .243 with mod. I stalk, shooting out to 150mts. But I also use the rifle for foxing in the dimpse time. I am thinking a S&B Classic 8 - 56 fixed. What do you reccon.

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    Most of my stalking is under 200 yards and I use a Zeiss 6x42 on my .308 Sako 75 which I find more than adequate.

    That said, if I was buying new and money was no object I'd probably go 8x56 so that the scope was a closer match to my binoculars (Swaro 8.5x42's). I read somewhere - and it strikes me as eminently sensible - that ideally you should have a matching sight picture between your scope and your binos.

    There's another thread running at the moment about optics, saying that Zeiss, Swaro and S&B are all reducing their warranties from 30 years to 10 years. If this is the case, I'd be very tempted to go for the Leupold M8 series of fixed scopes. I've bought 2 in the US for stalking colleagues over here, and they are cracking scopes for the money.


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    what scope

    8 x 56 spot on you wont have a problem there

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    I have a SandB 8x56 on my T3 and it does the job i want it to do from woodland stalking at say 50m out to 200m plus at night lamping foxes. I got the hungarian one and at 410 is good value for money. Bought it 6months ago and i think the prices have gone up since.
    Not sure if the 30year warranty issue is on S+B yet.
    Good luck in your quest

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    S&B 8x56 will be excellent.

    If you are only going to shoot deer out to 150m a 6x42 would be fine, if foxes are on the menu I would go 8x.

    If you don't mind spending a few quid more, a swaro 8x50 will be a bit lighter, can be mounted a little lower and low light performance is just as good.

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    The optic's magnification choices of UK shooters has always fascinated me. From my Yankee perspective it seems that all the rifles are over scoped. I can't think of any hunters I know that would choose a fixed power 8x56 for big game. I use a 6X for prairiedogs (which are very small compared to any big game animal; about the size of a liter beer bottle ) and use it well out to 250 yards.

    My glass choices for larger game run 2.5X to 4X, generally. I have 1.5-5X, 2-8X and 3-9X variable scopes but they usually stay down at the low end most of the time.

    On my few visits to the UK I am always astounded at the size of the scopes that people use. They make the rifle feel ungainly and certainly, the magnification must make off hand shooting difficult. Any thoughts? ~Muir

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    I have the same rifle and use the S&B 6x42 for fox and deer.
    Absolutely no problem and love the combination.

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    For me if i was to buy a new scope i would go for a leupold varible qith a fine ret 6-18x50 or similar . I have a 3 -12 x56 swar and love it but why not have somthing that will do evey thing. The glass on the new leupolds are as good as the germans lets face it they used the same glass as lieca .

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    The 8x56 S&B is a great scope. I've shot running deer with it too. The newer S&B glass is better than 20 year old stuff. But the 20 year old S&B is still better than the newest Leupold. I bought a 4.5-14x50 looked through it at dusk, compared to my 4-16x50 S&B and sold the leupold next day. My main shooting is at dusk or almost dark. For daytime a leupold would be great, much lighter than schmidts.
    A 6x42 might be the ideal walk around compromise and easily good to 200m.
    Muir, the reason for the large german 8x56 comes mainly from piggy shooting in a moonlit night from a high seat. Weight isn't a bother but glass quality is. They need all the help they can from the scope.


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