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Thread: Cutting 1/2 UNF thread on a lite .30 cal barrel

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    Cutting 1/2 UNF thread on a lite .30 cal barrel

    Looking to buy a CMM4 tomorrow at the CLA. I want to use it on both my deer rifles. My .243 is already cut with 1/2 UNF thread.
    It has been surgested cutting a 1/2 UNF thread on a Tikka T3 lite .30-06 barrel is not ideal as it does not leave much material (Thickness) between the end of the thread and the bore.

    What I want to know is, is it an absolute no go or is it just not ideal?

    I dont want to buy the mod tomorrow and be told by the riflesmith he is not happy cutting with a 1/2 UNF thread!

    Thoughts please gents. Thanks in advance.


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    Thread Cutting

    My 06 has a sporter barrel, when i got this one screwcut i was advised to go for a 1/2" x 28TPI. Certainly not a lot of material left in the muzzle end but have had no problems at all.
    I shoot loads that are warmish ie just of maximum.

    The thread pitch being finer is suppose to stop mod unscrewing self, dont suppose from a safety point of view it makes much difference.

    Just for info, no doubt you will get a lot of views on this subject.


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    3 done here, no probelems with over barrel mods. Use a good thread protector as a guage to have the thread done on the firm side, by a good engineer/ gun smith. (some leave them sloppy & under diametre size !)
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    1/2 unf on my .308 tikka lite no probs just make sure you get it proofed the same time

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    I got my Remmy LVSF threaded 1/2" x 20 unf, I didn't pay a lot of money and he still did a good job
    The thread protector is very thin too but does the job
    I didn't get it proofed and it still shoots the same too

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    I have 1/2 " unf on 223 25.06 308 and 30.06 all sako's and have never had any problems and recently i have just had my 300 win mag trg-s sako in 16+1 recut to 1/2"unf proofed
    I have put 87 rounds threw it so far with no problems at all with half inch groups at 100 yards with most bullet types in 150 grn offerings and clover leaf groups with 180 grn and i am more than happy with it.

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    they sell .30 cal mods in 1/2" therefore one must assume its ok? if its a light barrel you might be better off with a 1/2" instead of say a 14 or 15mm to leave a larger bearing surface where the barrel meets the moderator, prevents it unscrewing by itself.

    i had a .308 threaded 1/2" and that never caused me any problems.
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