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    laminate stocks

    Howdy guys,ok am considering getting a laminate stock made for my weatherby vanguard from the states,question 1.would glass bedding ect be necessary with it being laminate? question 2.the barrel is not fully floated on the vanguard,it has a pressure point under the barrel,if I buy one of these it will free float the barrel,so will this be detrimental to what is a v accurate rifle with its practical but unattractive synthetic stock? any advice please guys.

    cheers HORNET

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    Glass bedding would be an advantage in my opinion, As for free floating, it is true that sometimes accuracy can be improved using a wedge between barrel and fore-end, but I would suggest trial and error. Another option is to continue the glass bedding into the barrel channel underneath the chamber or a bit further, which sometimes works well. Each rifle is individual, so you can't be sure what works best, except that the majority of target rifles will be properly bedded and free-floated. I expect some of the riflesmiths here can advise better than I though...

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    Ive just had my Howa1500 .308 done, I have found a noteable difference. Gone from shooting 3 shot group .25" @ 100yds to .132" . Tried it out @ 350yds and got a 1.58"
    This factory stick is now shooting sub1/2 moa just wid a bedding job done and freefloating. All groups shot prone off a bipod with no rear rest
    Click image for larger version. 

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    guess thats a yes then to the bedding job

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    its an awesome rifle for a factory stick, it was pillar bedded n a big YYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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