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Thread: Atec Maxim

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    Atec Maxim

    Can anyone offer me any advice on this moderator please.

    Looking for:

    * price
    * weight
    *db reduction
    *baffle make up ie steel or aluminium or both
    *any cutting issues

    I found a .pdf link however it is in Norwegian and although I can see numbers on it not sure how they translate within the text:



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    Hi David,

    I don't have one but I've been hearing a lot of good things about them on the Norwegian forums.

    Weight is 450 gram for the standard version and 403 for the titanium.

    It says baffles in direct contact with hot gasses are made of steel, not sure how many that is though!

    As for reduction it is states between 28-37db, I got this from another catalogue.

    As for price, well norwegian price is:
    Maxim "standard" 2600kr ~ £295
    Maxim "Titanium" 4500kr ~ £510

    I think the UK distributor is:

    Here is a translated version of the text on the .pdf using google translate, it won't be perfect but it will give you the idea:

    By shooting it forms condensation inside the muffler
    which includes ammonia. If the silencer
    not removed within a reasonable time after the shooting will be formed
    rust in the rifle barrel. It would therefore be appropriate to
    turn off the muffler after the shooting on the track before the gun
    packed away for transportation and hunting should be taken silencer
    after completing the hunt.
    Keep the silencer so that air can freely flow through
    for it to dry. When the muffler is dried
    it advantageously sprayed a small amount of oil (aerosol) into
    in the damper.
    Make sure the damper is mounted and adjusted the weapon of the professional
    with relevant experience. Gangs and brysting shall have
    smooth surface and be adapted to the curb so that the silencer
    switched easily on and off, but without great tactile slack before
    device is pulled firmly against brysting.
    Before mounting, check that there is free passage
    through the muffler and ran, the gangs and brysting is
    adequately cleaned and free from particles and ripple marks.
    If it is desirable to retain the ability to
    could disassemble the muffler modules to silencer
    removed after each shooting and gangs and O-ring
    lubricated with a suitable fat with a minimum of 300 degrees C temperature resistance.
    Do not use particle reinforced
    Grease large or metallic particles, such as
    copper grease. If such fat desired to use the recommended fat
    type MolyCote G-Rapid +.
    The muffler should not be exposed to temperatures above 200
    degrees C over more than a short time and not over 100 degrees C above
    longer shooting sessions.
    Use of mirage feature is not recommended for long shooting sessions
    due to the insulating properties. If such moves
    used these should be removed after 10-15 shots with a normal level
    calibers such as 6.5 x55 and .308 win and shooting
    stopped until the muffler is again cooled to ambient
    Be aware of temperature in the silencer through the use of
    magnum, as these will provide substantially fewer shots in the series
    before the maximum temperature is reached.

    nspired by the history of the muffler development
    A-TEC chosen name MAXIM on its latest
    model. MAXIM has patensøkt new technology and
    is a true hybrid damper when it combines
    the best of both worlds; steel in all parts
    is in direct contact with the powder gases - and
    aluminum in the rest of the structure. The damper
    get in the way the lifetime of a
    steel damper, but at a much lower weight.

    There are no other known marks
    market with similar performance, weight,
    and technology. With 235 mm total length
    and a diameter of 44.4 mm is the
    both narrower and shorter than our previous top model,
    but still more effective and far
    more durable. The weight is 450 grams. It can also
    provided that A-TEC Titan and the weight is then 403 gr.

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    Give Rugby Gunshop a call

    I just got a Maxim from them as part of a deal on a new rifle and it came in for less than the £295rrp.



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    Hi David,
    I have one on order with Jacksons.
    Apparently there aren't any in the country at the moment but he has a batch due in any time now.
    The rrp is £242 as quoted in Sporting Rifle recently, read courtesy of Smiths
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    What do you think of the moderator Ben? weight wise and accuracy wise?

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    I think Jonher (Jonathon) has the 6 baffle version if it weighs 450gm. Jackson's are the UK importers and they are bringing it in in the 4 baffle version at 375gm.
    All the baffles are stainless stee,l but the can is aluminium. I replaced my ASE Northstar with one and am pleased with it re balance and size. Don't really notice a noise difference. No significant POA difference from Northstar or difference in accuracy (which is excellent with my homeloads).

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    some photos of the maxim 4 baffle version, 370 gr in weight, quoted noise reduction 25/29 db depending on calibre mines on a 308 and suppression is really good and balance brilliant love this mod oh and for got to mention no need for a rear bushing that just marks the barrel, also the last photo of mod shows disassembly of the baffles all four have the stainless steel plates, the muzzel end needs an allen key to open (as can be seen in the 2nd photo ) I did not have an exact fit so left it alone
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    How it looks on the rifle
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC01835.jpg   DSC01836.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlz90 View Post
    How it looks on the rifle
    What thread do you have on your Muzzle/Moderator ?
    The first chamber does not look to have enough material thickness to accommodate a 1x15 with spigot.

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