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Thread: 2nd dog day

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    2nd dog day

    hi all
    following on from the success from the 1st dog day, i hav been in talks with Muddy and MarkH, with regards for a seconed day,
    ths is now in motion and will be held at the end of feb / start of march, dates to be confirmed, shortly
    this day will be run on the same basis as the first day
    anyone wishing to attend will need to let me know via pm or post to this thread
    as i need to get the ball rolling, as nov/dec are a busy couple of months for me due to work commitments
    so on this
    i look forward to welcoming all to our seconed day
    also like to add i hav advertised this on other sites that support and are supported by the SD, as this is a group venture
    kind regards

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    Would be interested stone
    Put my name down
    Might even bring the mad pack with me and I might even bring the dogs


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    I've sent you a pm, as I'd definitely want to come along. Can bring either mad cocker or labrador....whichever will generate most laughs!


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    If I am at home I'd like to come down for the day.

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    blooming eck you lads are a bit keen
    i shall post the actual date at the end of next week once myself Muddy
    + MarkH hav got our diaries in order
    thanks for all the interest guys
    keep you updated

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    Put my name down as well.

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    Hi, Stone great day last time put my name down please look forward to meeting you all again ATB. ye old stalker

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    Yes please Sir and me new dog .
    Trapper(oh and I think I will work on your original dog day photos)

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    Me me me!

    Im keen as you know. Please let us know a definate date as son as you can. That way, there will be no cancellations!

    Good work,

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