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Thread: Weasel v Mink

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    Weasel v Mink

    Down at the shore this afternoon bailing my boat. There was a hell of a racket started about 70 m away.Initially I thought it was a couple of birds having a squabble and then I saw movement in the rocks.Put my binos up and there was a mink chasing a weasel in and out of the crevices. I thought the weasel was as good as dead when the mink got right behind it on some open ground,but the weasel managed to keep ahead JUST, it was down to a foot at times. Anyway they dissapeared from sight and about 10 mins later the weasel appeared beside me none the worse for his excitement.
    Anyone else ever seen a run in between these two?

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    Nope but would love to......Id know which Id rather have about

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    Shame you don’t have more Otters about; an Otter will hunt down and kill any Mink in its territory.



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    anyone know where i can get an otter

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    in all fairness there are more and more otters about i saw one a few weeks ago whilst out catching crayfish it was only 20yrds away swiming down river on its back looking at me and the wife as if to say "are you alowed to be here"

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