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Thread: 7mm08 load data help

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    7mm08 load data help

    ok just reloading for my new 7mm08 ive got the 5th edition sierra manual which states max load for varget is 43 grains however the hogdon websites says 42.2 i worked up slowly to 43 and got slight cratering on primers so backed off to 42.5
    im getting no pressure signs i can tell anyway and im right on for my velocity at 2820 and getting good accuracy do you think i should back load off to hogdens max of 42.2 grains


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    Nah, the difference the .3 will make is negligable. Someone will now undoubtably come on and say you should or your barrel will fly off the action. If you've found a load thats working and there's no visable pressure signals, stick with it. Bere in mind that the books / website data have to reflect their private indemnity insurance and thus have to be well below what are actually safe weights of powder. As you know me and my mate both use a grain heavier than your 42.5 and have been doing for 10 years or so now, never had an issue.

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    thanks tjwaines thats put my mind at ease ive now got my load


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    Also remember that they used a different barrel to get their data and it's not going to give the same results as yours or Pete's down the road etc. You have developed/worked up the load to suit your rifle. If you change rifles or barrels then you would need to do it all over again of course as the chances of the barrels inetrnal specs/dimensions being the same as the one you have now are slim to none.

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    Had a sako 75 that loved 140's and 42g vagret, went up to 43 but with no problems but group opened up.


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