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Thread: Evening stalk with Roedinator.

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    Evening stalk with Roedinator.

    A quick post to say thanks to Pete. We swapped a load of my surplus 20 bore cartridges for a stalk on his ground in Somerset last night. It was a warm humid evening, and we covered a lot of ground (and fended off more than a few horse flies) without seeing a buck until we were returning to the vehicle. A good 6 pointer had been lying out in the middle of a pasture field and got up just as we saw it. A quick shot of the sticks at 100+ yards, and he was down after a run of 20 yards or so. I'm a bit of a dinosaur and haven't mastered the art of putting photo's up on here, but will have a go when I've cleaned the head. Suffice to say, he was a good 'un and the work we put in to get a result made it even sweeter. Thanks, Pete - good to see you and your family at the CLA today and talk a bit of nonsense over a pint or two.

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    rupert allways a pleasure to take you stalking just glad it ended well
    with a good shot and a nice buck enjoy the venison mate
    thanks for the cider at the cla went down a treat
    regards pete .

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    Nice one chaps, better sort the photos out

    Atb Wayne

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    Well done lads.


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    Well done pete for getting the old codger into a nice buck and to think he was going to throw in the towel and give it all up, so i am glad to see you put a smile back on his face.
    Rupert good to see you have got your mojo back but wheres the pictures.

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    Old codger? Cheeky sod! Yep, the mojo seems to be back....have to get the buttalo out and see if I can call a few in over the next few weeks. I'll see what I can do with the photo's.....anything for a quiet life!

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    Nice one guys.


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