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    Hi all just wondering if any body is going to Lowther gsme fair on 13/14 August.

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    Then again I've no other choice as someone has to bring the mayhem and slipknot will be on the Brock & Norris stand along with Janner, The Ballistic Hamster and the Ratwife.

    Please note, there will be no "Coolade" served on the B&N stand.


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    Going to try and get there Sunday, depends how things pan out with work
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Its a good show that , I might take the summer bird if i can make time

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    Just hoping the wet weather holds off, last time it rained like this it only lasted for the single day thats why im going on Saturday.

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    and that was because of a royal visit.might make sunday weather dependant though.

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    could you all keep us up dated with the weather up there and if it gets called off.


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    lt's cumbria........ wind your clock back 30 years, and bring good boots!!!!

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    as bad as that mate keep us up dated.


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    Well its still on far as im know but the rain up here has bin aweful most rivers are level with fields fingers crossed. So many still going then. any fancy meeting for a pint at a certain time?

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