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Thread: A Rather Eventful Night..

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    A Rather Eventful Night..

    Literally just in the door from a nights lamping...this is only the second night lamping on this particular farm...and I was really using it as an exercise, as i havent dont a lot of Fox lamping.....Rab and I got there about 8pm last night...and firstly did a bit Rabbiting., had 3...then had something to eat, and got ready to start on the foxes with the for 10.30 all was ready...
    I used the Predator caller, and after a few mins, heard a fox...and then another..Rab turned on the lamp, and there right enough was a pair of foxes about 50yds apart, and they seemed to be talking to each other, the calls from them were something I've never heard before..weird stuff...I managed to call one into about 100yds..a very tense time BTW....and it got it..
    We stayed at the same place for a while,but nothing was doing, the second fox had we then decided to have a wander with the HMR and the lamp....and had another lone rabbit., saw a crackin Buck, but left well alone...for now..
    We heard a couple of Fox barks in the wood, and tried calling it, but nothing, it had all gone quiet.
    We packed up at about 1am, and headed home, only for me to get a blowout on a rear tyre on the 4x4 about 3 miles from the farm...and no spare, its in being repaired from its last puncture, so, turned round and headed back to the farm at 5mph....with Rab in his 4x4 following me with his hazards on...3 wheels on my the time we got there the tyre was absolutely ruined,, left the car to get the spare tomorrow and collect the car...anyway, we were in Rabs car on the way home, chatting about how the night had gone, and I said all we need now to finish the night, is to get pulled at 2.25am by the police...sure enough, 2 mins from home... yer wish is granted,....pulled, Rab has an LED brake light on his back door, it actually looks like a fog light, and the cops thought it was a jammed brake light, so after a chat with them...I got home a few mins ago, knacked, but a great night, with great company, tho poor Rab has a 45 min run he'll not be home yet...
    And, another fox for the list...

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    and they seemed to be talking to each other, the calls from them were something I've never heard before..weird stuff.
    Hi Norrie, would you describe it as similar to a couple of tussling ferrets,but just a lot louder?
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    Hi There, nope, wasnt like that...I keep ferrets, know the sounds you mean....they sounded ( in a high pitch Fox voice) really as I said, like they were talking to each other...obviously they werent talking as such...LOl.... At first they replied to the Distressed rabbit call, then stopped, so I tried the cub call,.they started answering to it........

    We did think of Badgers, as there are some around that farm... it was def foxes..I shot one,.. As I say, I've not done a lot of lamping foxes, so, it might be a normal sound to experienced ears...but I've certainly never heard the like before.. another great experience for me.. Hope to repeat it this weekend again...once I get the car home..

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    Hi Norrie

    Out myself last night ( shot two cubs ) then tried the other side of the road.
    The was a vixen shouting, but sounded more like a owl, never heard one like that before.
    Very high pitched.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Hi Miffy, Well done on the cubs...

    Thats the sort of sound we heard...very eerie too on a quiet night... and it was a half grown dog fox I shot last night..

    Was going back out tonight, but still knacked after last night, and chasing all over the place today trying to get a tyre, and a puncture done for the chance,nothing stays open after 12 pm here... so ended up with the tyre fitter sticking a runner on for the price of a pint, to let me get the car home till I get a chance to get it replaced.....

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    After deciding to remain home this Saturday, (very late one on Friday),I received an uplifting phone call from Mike (Flyboy270) just after lunch, confirming my adage "They will need you, before you will need them", Mike had come up smelling of roses (again), around 18 months ago & landed a very pretty piece of ground, for vermin shooting, just inside the hours travelling from us, then after three or so visits he was excluded from it, we later found that the keeper had very ruffled feathers, so that was that, or so we thought, without giving too many details for his fresh invite from the landowner, (the original invite was from a tenant), we attended around 19.15 yesterday, had a very comprehensive tour with indications to concentrate on particular areas of interest, but also with an open ended remit concerning all forms of vermin, in the air and on the ground, by 09.45 I had relieved the pressure on the pen of a very pristine Vixen, & also a good sized bag of Rabbits, Mike was also pretty busy judging by the reports floating over the top of the high ground, so, a very pleasing result for the being "Asked back" situation.
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    It was a very quite night for me to,however i don't think that had much to do with it.
    It was a vixen calling i tracked her in the street lights ( waiting for her to present a safe shot but did not )
    Very strange call , will try again this week.
    Pain in the arse a puncture at the best of time.
    Happy hunting.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Glad to hear that this particular piece of ground has come back around.
    Make hey while the sun shines, and give that keeper a poke in the eye if you see him ( wants it all him self, but not got enough time )
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Hiya Garry, would think the keeper would grateful for the result last night, after all, it's his birds she was putting on the menu,............ on the way out many many birds (small) outside the wire.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Hi Guys...Steve, great news about getting the land back... very well done, and good to hear of a successful trip out..

    I was asked to go see a farmer,who had a problem with ferals in his sheds, so, went up ., and he asked how much I charged for shooting the pigeons?? I couldnt believe it...Charge???, eventually I got rid of them,the last was just a few days ago and thought that was it, then a couple of days ago, he called, and tells me his farmland is available for me if I want to keep the vermin down... Soooperb... Went to see him again, and he gave me a Larsen trap,which I've used as a template for an other... what a nice guy, and another farm on my list...
    Gary...I just spent all day changing tyres on the, now, got a full decent set of four...PLUS a decent spare...there was a wrecked Nissan Patrol on one of the farms,(same size tyre)... with two good tyres, so, they are now on the Challenger, courtesy of a very nice farmer......

    BTW, Steve, thanks for the great advice mate...

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