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Thread: .25-06 bullets

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    .25-06 bullets

    A bit of help please!
    At present I use nosler ballistic silver tip 115 grn and they do the job no doubt but Ive been given a box of hornady 120 grn hp interlock.
    I have no knolwedge of these or any reloading data at present using reloader 19.
    Any experience of these or loads would be greatly received.

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    Hi Dickie. I am a 25.06 man myself. My loads are Speer 120g boat tail using H4350 47.5g of powder goes out at about 2816vel.

    Thats the round I use nearly all the time, never let me down yet.

    I also shoot 100g speer with 50g of H4350 this goes out at 3155 vel for Red hinds and Sika hinds in the winter on the hill.

    This is out of my Ruger mod77 in stainless and plastic.

    Cheers Sikamalc

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    Thanks Sikamalc
    good to hear from another 25-06 man
    I'll bear those in mind.
    what are they like on the meat damage that 100grn is zipping along.
    I use a Rem sendero for Roe, Sika & fox.


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    Yes the 100g does zip out there, although I have not noted that much meat damage. I generally use a 120grain head and took a Roe buck this weekend, and the damage to me was no more than any other calibre or bullet weight.

    I prefer the faster rounds when I am managing Reds in the winter, as it reaches out a bit further and shoots flat. Not that I am advocating long range shooting (god forbid) but I enjoy the 25.06 and with the T8 on its a joy to shoot. I have also used it in Africa on Black Wildbeest, Springbuck etc with no problems.

    The loading information I use is out of the Hodgsons manual, which I cross reference with the Speer reloading manual. And I have an RCBS kit.

    Hope the above is of some use to you.



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    Thanks for the reply,
    I was wondering about powder as RL19 is becoming a pain to get hold of not that I use bucket loads.
    I butchered a Sika pricket yesterday chest shot and didn't loose much meat at all.
    Interesting your bit about Africa.
    I'm also using a T8 though because Sendero has 26" barrel its a bit long but so used to it I dont notice now.



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    Hi Dickie,

    I tried Reloader powders sometime ago, but found that Hodgsons was slightly better, although it tends to be a bit more expensive. I have used the same load for the 25.06 for over 6 years and it has prooved to be very consistent.

    Where do you hunt your Sika? (county). Out of all the deer they are my favourite deer to stalk, and to me the best venison.

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    Sikamalc hi
    I've used RL 19 and not tried any other but its getting hard to get hold of so was after what others like yourself use so maybee a change to another brand is on the cards. though with the 115 blst I get results I cant complain about.
    With you on the venison taste.
    They are a challenge alright and down south is where I'm priveliged to stalk.
    Though I had a couple in Argyl a few years back.


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